Week 5: Tidying


Date: 2020-04-12 to 2020-04-18

  • Input configuration loads from server.

  • amethyst_test updated to work with winit 0.22.0 event loop.

    Tests that require a graphical backend can run on CI without dedicated graphics cards by using the software GL rendering backend -- tests can be run through XVFB.

End Result


  1. Load input configuration from server using JavaScript. (amethyst#2214, pong_wasm#4)

    This is simply a fetch invocation. For better UX, we should:

    1. Initialize the fetch from within the application
    2. Return control to the browser so that it is responsive, and indicate to the user that a resource is being fetched, such as by rendering a spinner.
    3. Resume application initialization after the fetch has returned.
  2. Remove requirement to specify shred in crate [patch] section. (amethyst#2238)

  3. Update amethyst_test framework to work with new winit.