Week 6: Fin Ack


Date: 2020-04-19 to 2020-04-25

  • UI Coordinates / Screen Dimensions correction
  • Configurable Web Logger
  • Net Server and Client

End Result


  1. Allow web logger to be configured. (amethyst#2249, amethyst#2250, console_log#6)

    This was necessary as the rate of log messages was about 1000 messages per second. This meant:

    • Filtering for relevant log messages was extremely difficult.
    • The browser would lag and be unusable to work with.
  2. Set canvas width/height only if unset. (amethyst#2247, amethyst/gfx#8537dfb, gfx#3224, gfx#3225)

    Quirk in this bug fix is, when setting the "width" attribute on the <canvas> element, the next read of width() still returns the old value. However, the updated value is returned after interacting with the canvas' WebGL2 graphics context.

  3. Provide WebSocket transport layer implementation for amethyst_network. (amethyst#2251, amethyst#2253, autexousious#209, autexousious#221)

    • Use tungstenite for native targets.
    • Use web-sys::WebSocket for wasm32-unknown-unknown target.